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Malaria Consortium uses video as a powerful tool to explain our work in ways that words often cannot. Through our films, we are able to show the impact of our activities through the thoughts and stories of those they affect the most. Click the film links below to watch our films and to find out more about what we are here for.


Videos – Projects

Making dengue control a part of everyday life in Cambodia

World Malaria Day 2019

An introduction to the ARIDA project

Saving lives through net distribution in Uganda

Fighting malnutrition in rural Nigeria

MAPD Uganda - Working with Religious Leaders

MAPD Uganda - Working with Cultural Leaders

MAPD Uganda - Waiting Room Malaria Messages

MAPD Uganda - Building capacity and sustainable health facilities

MAPD Uganda - Community Key Influencers

MAPD Uganda - Communities supporting and sustaining VHTs

MAPD Uganda - Engaging communities through dialogue

MAPD Uganda - Using SMS to prevent malaria in pregnancy

The Community Dialogue Approach: social and behaviour change for promoting healthy communities

Kangaroo mother care initiative: Saving preterm babies in Uganda

Mobilizing communities for malaria prevention in rural Mozambique

Improving mother and child survival through a community-led approach

Saving lives and transforming communities

Étoffer le rôle des volontaires pour lutter contre les maladies infantiles dans les zones rurales de Birmanie

Expanding the role of Malaria Volunteers to tackle childhood illnesses in rural Myanmar: Long version

Expanding the role of Malaria Volunteers to tackle childhood illnesses in rural Myanmar: Short version

The time to invest is now: fighting malaria in the Sahel

Expanding the role of Malaria Volunteers to tackle childhood illnesses in rural Myanmar, Burmese

Malaria Consortium organisational video

Top moments of 2016

Dengue solutions in Cambodia

Dengue solutions in Cambodia (in Khmer)

Bikes for health in Iyolwa

60-second learning: Evaluating pneumonia diagnostics

Protocol film: Implementing a trial to evaluate pneumonia diagnostic devices

Nigeria works to curb spread of malaria

Mettre en oeuvre la chimio prevention du paludisme saisonnier

Proteger la population la plus vulnerable du paludisme dans les pays du Sahel

La chimio prevention du paludisme saisonnier, un investissement prometteur pour le Sahel

Bringing Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention to the Sahel

Protecting those most at risk of malaria in the Sahel

Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention: A promising investment for the Sahel

Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention: Relieving the burden of malaria in the Sahel

The Pneumonia Diagnostics Project: evaluating devices for accuracy

SuNMaP: Transforming Nigeria's health sector

Videos – Voices of experience

VOX Uganda: a grandmother on protecting herself from malaria

VOX Uganda: VHT Joseph talks about being a key health influencer

VOX Mozambique: A villager on malaria behaviour change in his community

VOX Mozambique: malaria activist Elias Pedro on helping to change behaviour

VOX Mozambique: a mother on protecting her family from malaria

VOX Mozambique: health centre director Omar on malaria prevention

VOX Burkina Faso: A community health worker talks about distributing SMC

VOX Burkina Faso: A mother talks about how SMC has affected her family

VOX Cambodia: A private pharamacist uses SMS on malaria cases

VOX Burkina Faso: a nurse on effectiveness of SMC

VOX Burkina Faso: a head nurse on economic cost of malaria

VOX Burkina Faso: Dr Yacouba, NMCP Coordinator, on benefits of SMC

VOX Burkina Faso: Chief medical officer on disease prevention

VOX Cambodia: Dr Hai Ra on dengue control

VOX Nigeria: Dr Fadore on malaria management / SuNMaP

VOX Nigeria: Mothers on malaria / SuNMaP

VOX Nigeria: School teacher on behaviour change / SuNMaP

VOX Nigeria: Community health worker on SMC

VOX Nigeria: A district leader on malaria and SMC

VOX Nigeria: A mother on malaria and SMC

VOX Nigeria: A young boy on malaria and SMC

VOX Nigeria: A mother on malaria prevention and SMC

VOX Burkina Faso: A young girl on malaria and SMC

VOX Uganda: Mbale District chairperson on VHT training and malaria

VOX Uganda: Mbale DHO on boda boda malaria referral system

VOX Uganda: Village health worker on using drama to reduce malaria

VOX Burkina Faso: Village chief on the impact of SMC

VOX Burkina Faso: A mother and trader on the impact of SMC

VOX Myanmar: A mother on how iCCM training helped save her daughter

VOX Myanmar: Health assistant on supervising iCCM trained volunteers

VOX Myanmar: Deputy DMO on malaria volunteers providing more services

VOX Myanmar: Malaria volunteer on training and treating more illnesses

Videos – Presentations

Addressing vector control challenges in our region

Cambodia malaria surveillance system

Positive deviance: an innovative approach to improve malaria outcomes

Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to dengue prevention in Cambodia, 2013-2014

2014 Malaria Consortium Progress Symposium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Opening Speech

Developing a suitable algorithm for identifying asymptomatic malaria at border points

Trends in Malaria Prevalence and Net Coverage, Cambodia 2004 - 2010

Moving towards elimination - Malaria Consortium at 10

Linking the community to health systems - Malaria Consortium at 10

Disease Control: Malaria and NTDs - Malaria Consortium at 10

Dr Arantxa Roca-Feltrer at JITMM 2013 - Malaria surveillance in Cambodia

Dr John R MacArthur at JITMM 2013 - Malaria elimination hype or hope?

Dr Sylvia Meek JITMM 2013 - Containment of drug resistance and the pathway to elimination for Asia

Dr Apinya Niramitsantipong at JITMM 2013 - Status of drug resistance containment in Asia

Muhammad Shafique at JITMM 2013 - Positive deviance for improved malaria outcomes in Myanmar

Closing Session

Project monitoring and evaluation: results and highlights

Innovations and research priorities in improving quality and reach of ICCM

Integrated Community Case Management stocktaking: evidence review symposium

ICCM in Uganda: background and process

Community Case Management of Pneumonia in Zambia

Welcome to Sharing What Works: Integrated Community Case Management

Improving access to, quality of, and demand for ICCM services

Assessment of communication and clinical skills of community health workers in rural Uganda

ICCM in practice

Videos - Advocacy

Approche du Dialogue Communautaire

A abordagem do diàlogo comunitàrio

iCCM - Filling Health Care Gaps

Pneumonia is preventable and treatable, but deadly

All you need to know: Community-based primary healthcare

Fighting NTDs: Five years later, five years closer

Beating malaria: mobilising support for a malaria-free future

Dengue: a silent issue and a growing problem

Filling the gap with community health workers

Présentation de la chimio prévention du paludisme saisonnier

Introducing seasonal malaria chemoprevention

The threat of drug resistant malaria

World Pneumonia Day

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