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Case management

In addition to working to prevent disease and illness, Malaria Consortium focuses much of its attention on finding ways to improve management of cases in the community and in public and private health facilities at all levels of care.

Community based health care delivery, particularly through integrated community case management, is a high priority for us. This involves building capacity and support for community level health workers to be able to recognise, diagnose, treat and refer children under five suffering from the three most common childhood killers: pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria, and increasingly integrating the management of severe malnutrition.

We also work closely with district and local level health structures to strengthen referral systems from community to facility for priority cases. We provide training of facility based health workers and their supervisors to strengthen the links between them and their adherance to correct case management processes.

Treatment with appropriate quality-assured drugs should follow proper diagnosis. We work at both the facility and community levels to improve care by building skills and competencies with respect to ensuring the correct treatments are given once a proper diagnosis has been obtained. 

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