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Malaria Consortium honoured by Ugandan government for contribution to combat malaria

23 April 2024

Malaria Consortium has been honoured for its groundbreaking efforts in malaria prevention, both within Uganda and internationally, at the annual World Malaria Day Scientific Colloquium 2024.

A group pose for a photo holding awardsMalaria Consortium Uganda team members with award at World Malaria Day Scientific Colloquium, April 2024

Organised by the Ugandan Ministry of Health on 18–19 April, the event brought together notable public figures, including the Vice President of Uganda, Jessica Alupo, the State Minister of Health — General Duties, Hon. Anifa Kawooya, and the Permanent Secretary for Minister of Health, Dr Diana Atwine, alongside esteemed researchers and scientists.
Dr Jimmy Opigo, the head of the National Malaria Control Division at the Ministry of Health, presented the award to Dr Godfrey Magumba, Malaria Consortium’s East and Southern Africa Director. Dr Opigo commended Malaria Consortium’s innovative contributions to integrated community case management, enhanced surveillance and the introduction of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in the Karamoja region. He also emphasised how crucial these initiatives have been in advancing Uganda’s fight against malaria, “The strategic initiatives implemented by Malaria Consortium are not only commendable but transformative. Their efforts in Karamoja and beyond are setting a benchmark in malaria prevention, profoundly impacting our national health landscape.”

The Scientific Colloquium kicked off the start of celebrations for World Malaria Day 2024 in Uganda under the theme ‘Say no to malaria deaths’. The colloquium was followed by Uganda’s Malaria Walk on 20 April, the second in the country’s history, convened by the Parliament of Uganda in partnership with Malaria Consortium, the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.

Led by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, and the Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the walk symbolised a united front against malaria. It also served as a platform for advocacy and mobilisation, rallying stakeholders — especially the government — to commit to innovative health financing and domestic resource allocation for to tackle malaria.

In March 2024, the Ministers of Health of High Burden High Impact (HBHI) countries in Africa, including Uganda, made a declaration and commitment that “no one shall die from malaria”. One of the key pillars of this renewed commitment is the bolstering of domestic resources to bridge the funding gaps in malaria control efforts.

Hon. Thomas Tayebwa pledged the commitment of Parliament to support these efforts, stating, “The fight against malaria is not just a matter of public health; it is a matter of national urgency. Our commitment is unwavering, and we pledge to mobilise all necessary resources to eradicate this disease from Uganda.”

Dr Godfrey Magumba, Malaria Consortium’s East and Southern Africa Director, with award

Minister Aceng commended Parliament for promoting and investing in malaria prevention, particularly in light of funding cuts for malaria control and prevention. “It is time for Uganda to mobilise its own domestic resources to end malaria. We are re-strategising and re-focusing all our resources,” she said.

Dr Anthony Nuwa, Malaria Consortium’s Senior Country Technical Coordinator, reaffirmed the organisation’s commitment and leadership in delivering evidence-based approaches that work at scale, pioneering work in integrated community case management, social and behaviour change, and seasonal malaria chemoprevention. He commented, “As we forge ahead in our battle against malaria, our focus remains steadfast on implementing scientifically backed strategies that promise real results. Our commitment at Malaria Consortium is to not only fight malaria but to lead by example, pioneering innovative practices in community health management and prevention that can be replicated and scaled across regions most in need.” 

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