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ASTMH 2021 Posters and presentations

Thursday 18th November 

  • Jane Achan

    Impact of current malaria infection and previous malaria exposure on the clinical profiles and outcome of COVID-19 in a high malaria transmission setting: a prospective cohort study
  • Sol Richardson

    Adaptation of rapid multi-objective lot quality assurance sampling (LQAS) surveys as part of SMC programs in Burkina Faso, Chad, Nigeria and Mozambique for identifying issues and driving improvements in SMC delivery
  • Geofrey Beinomugisha

    The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on essential malaria services in northern Uganda
  • Sam Siduda Gudoi

    Fighting against malaria: The case of the US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Malaria Action Program for Districts
  • Olusola Oresanya

    Improving Vitamin A coverage through integration with SMC: An implementation in rural and urban settings in Nigeria
  • Taiwo Ibinaiye

    Factors predicting adherence to day 2 and day 3 seasonal malaria chemoprevention administration in four Sahelian countries
  • Laura Donovan

    Role model approach to explore caregiver administration of seasonal malaria chemoprevention drugs to children under five: results from a mixed methods multi-country study in Burkina Faso, Chad and Togo

Friday 19th November 

  • Laura Donovan

    Integrating podoconiosis healthcare services into primary healthcare in Ethiopia
  • Anthony Nuwa

    Findings from an effectiveness-implementation hybrid type 1 evaluation of the feasibility, acceptability and protective effectiveness of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in two districts in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Tedila Habte

    Integrating NTD services into primary healthcare in Ethiopia is feasible, acceptable and increases care-seeking behaviours.
  • Emmanuel Taribo

    A rapid assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices related to COVID-19 among community-oriented resource persons in Nigeria

Saturday 20th November 

  • Olusola Oresanya

    Improving SP-IPTi by increasing numbers of doses and testing alternative strategies to EPI delivery channels
  • Monica de Cola

    Impact of seasonal malaria chemoprevention on the prevalence of malaria infection in malaria indicator surveys in Burkina Faso and Nigeria
  • Anthony Nuwa

    Feasibility, acceptability and protective effectiveness of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Uganda
  • Baltazar Candrinho

    Seasonal malaria chemoprevention: Results from Mozambique implementation study 2020–2021
  • Ann-Sophie Stratil

    Improving quality and use of malaria surveillance data: Results from evaluating the effectiveness and acceptability of a new integrated malaria information storage system in selected districts in Mozambique

Sunday 21st November

  • Abimbola Phillips

    Results from a mixed-methods study in two states in Nigeria to assess the adherence to COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures during delivery of SMC