How we build climate resilience into our malaria response

Malaria is one of the most climate-sensitive vector borne diseases. Whether due to short-term deviations in the climate or more

At a glance: community health worker adherence to guidelines for pneumonia using the ChARM device

The ARIDA ChARM acceptability sought to establish whether health extension workers (HEWs) in Ethiopia could correctly adhere to the integrated community case management (iCCM) algorithm for assessing and classifying under five children for fast breathing, as a symptom of pneumonia using the Children’s Respiration Monitor (ChARM) device, produced by Philips. more

Rutoke’s key influencer sets up a village health club and ‘ambulance fund’

Ernest Masereka, a voluntary community health worker and key influencer from Rutoke village, Uganda, introduced his community to the idea of forming a village health club in December 2017. Village health clubs provide forums at which community members can disseminate messages and address different issues, such as sanitation, health and savings. more

Mozambique: A field officer developing community capacity in malaria prevention

Story collected by Dorca Nhaca and edited by Fernando Bambo in November 2017 Ilha de Moçambique is an idyllic island for more

Mozambique: The behaviour changing power of radio

Story collected by Dorca Nhaca and edited by Fernando Bambo in November 2017 Ismael Janato is a presenter and technician at more

Leadership makes the difference in defeating malaria

Story collected by Dorca Nhaca and edited by Fernando Bambo in November 2017 Nacala-Porto, on the northern coast of Mozambique, more

Children who learn about malaria contribute to disease control in their communities

Story collected by Dorca Nhaca and edited by Fernando Bambo in November 2017 Fátima Mário, 12 years old, Dinala Muhamudo more

Saving lives and transforming communities in rural Nigeria

Originally published on Medium Lessons from the field In the village of Njediko in Nigeria, Kadigiti Mohammad gently more

Expert Q&A: Innovations and challenges in malaria surveillance

Monitoring, evaluation and surveillance techniques are central to Malaria Consortium’s work to improve overall performance and more

The time to invest is now: fighting malaria in the Sahel

Children in sub-Saharan Africa are 14 times more likely to die before the age of five than those living elsewhere in the world. more