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UK aid from the UK government


Partner Organisations
Ministry of Health
Provincial Health Directorate of Inhambane
Cabo Delgado and Zambieza

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Project overview

Malaria Consortium, in partnership with Unicef, is supporting the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MoH) as it leads the national scale-up of a digital health platform for community health, called ‘upSCALE’.

The upSCALE platform has been developed to improve quality and coverage of health services at community level by addressing three key community health worker (CHW) programme challenges:

  • poor adherence to clinical guidelines
  • lack of access to community health information
  • insufficient supply of commodities

The platform consists of a mobile phone application for CHWs, a tablet based application for CHW supervisors, and a community health information management system (CHIS). The CHW app provides decision support and facilitates the automated reporting of routine health indicators to the CHIS for analysis at district, provincial, and national levels.  All community health services are covered within the CHW app including antenatal care, post-partum care, family planning services, healthy child check-ups, tuberculosis and HIV patient treatment adherence, diagnosis and treatment of malaria, diarrhoea, and pneumonia, and referral of patients with danger signs, acute malnutrition cases, and new?borns. The platform is complemented by a tablet based application for CHW supervisors which permits supervisors to see monthly CHW activity and real-time CHW stock levels. Free calls between CHW peers and supervisors are also provided to facilitate remote support to CHWs.

Development of the platform stemmed from Malaria Consortium’s inSCALE project (2009 to 2016), which conducted research to understand the existing ecosystem and used human centered design to develop innovations to improve the care provided by CHWs in Mozambique. Today, upSCALE is currently operating in 2 provinces in Mozambique with 655 CHWs users trained and >300,000 patients registered, with national scale planned by 2022. 

Currently Malaria Consortium is working with the Mozambique Ministry of Health to:

  • Expand implementation of the upSCALE platform as per the national plan – in 2019 the provinces of Manica, Maputo, and Zambezia
  • Improve the use and functionality of the platform, including integrating with the national stock management system
  • Build the evidence base around upSCALE
  • Ensure the institutionalisation of the platform into the Mozambique health system.


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