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New animated film outlines the threat of malaria in pregnancy – and how to combat it

23 April 2020
New animated film outlines the threat of malaria in pregnancy – and how to combat it

Malaria Consortium is delighted to announce the publication of a brand new animated film on malaria in pregnancy. The film highlights the dangers of malaria in pregnancy, and what needs to be done to protect pregnant women from the disease in malaria-endemic countries.

In 2018, 11 million pregnant women were infected with malaria, and every year the disease contributes to an estimated 10,000 maternal deaths and 100,000 newborn deaths. Not enough is being done to protect pregnant women and their unborn babies from malaria.

Too few pregnant women are accessing the preventive treatment they need, owing to poor access to health facilities, drug stock-outs, and a lack of information on the dangers of malaria and the benefits of attending antenatal care. As a result, many of these women are often unaware of the danger of malaria to themselves and their unborn child.

This new animation outlines the actions that governments, donors and the global health community need to take in order to protect pregnant women from malaria. Together we need to:

  • Encourage all pregnant women to attend antenatal care, where they will be tested for malaria and given a free insecticide-treated net;
  • Ensure that quality-assured antenatal services are accessible for all pregnant women;
  • Improve awareness on the dangers of malaria in pregnancy among whole communities – including social and religious leaders;
  • Dispel myths that attending antenatal care is dangerous or pointless; and
  • Track drug stocks more effectively to prevent stock-outs.

“Protecting pregnant women from malaria is essential if we are to fulfil our commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030,” said Charles Nelson, Malaria Consortium Chief Executive. “This short film carries an important message. We must come together to ensure that pregnant women have access to the medicines, nets, antenatal care and information they need in order to adequately protect themselves and their unborn children from this killer disease.”

Watch the film here:

Find out more about Malaria Consortium’s work on malaria in pregnancy here.


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