ASTMH 2022 - Associated publications

Welcome to our American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (ASTMH) associated publications page for the presentations at the annual meeting in 2022.

We have curated a list of selected Malaria Consortium publications related to the subject matter of posters and presentations given at ASTMH 2022. 

  • Improving equitable access to healthcare services


    Expanding mobile malaria services to hard-to-reach communities in northern Cambodia

    Through the RAI3E project, we are contributing to Cambodia's goal of eliminating Plasmodium falciparum by 2023 by supporting the continued delivery of effective malaria prevention and control services, especially to hard-to-reach communities.

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    Improving community-based primary healthcare in Nigeria

    Malaria Consortium is providing technical assistance to support Niger state in north-central Nigeria with the implementation of a community-based primary healthcare programme that is integrated with the Community Health Influencers, Promoters and Services (CHIPS) programme launched by Nigeria’s National Primary Health Care Development Agency.

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  • Optimising service delivery


    Maximising resources for healthcare: Integrating vitamin A supplementation with seasonal malaria chemoprevention

    We recommend to scale up an integrated vitamin A supplementation and SMC campaign to address coverage gaps, increase equitable access and reduce under-five mortality in Nigeria.

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    Integrating seasonal malaria chemoprevention and vitamin A supplementation: Lessons learnt from Nigeria

    Integrating delivery of vitamin A supplementation into the seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign in Bauchi state, Nigeria, was feasible, occurred minimal incremental cost, and was accepted by implementers and communities.

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    Reducing malaria morbidity in infants through intermittent preventive treatment in Nigeria

    This study will assess the clinical effectiveness and operational feasibility of intermittent preventive treatment in infants in Nigeria. It aims to generate the necessary evidence to support the intervention’s uptake in the national health policy.

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    Strengthening the pneumonia response in Ethiopia: Developing an action plan for the integrated management of newborn and childhood illnesses

    In collaboration with partners in Ethiopia, we are developing an action plan for the integrated management of newborn and childhood illnesses, including pneumonia.

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  • Data-informed decision-making


    Sustaining the data-to-action transition in Mozambique: Lessons learnt from the third year of strengthening malaria surveillance

    In collaboration with our project partners, we implemented a range of activities to improve surveillance data quality and to enhance the use of data for decision-making in Mozambique.

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    Developing a data-to-action culture in Mozambique: Lessons learnt from the second year of implementing surveillance activities for malaria control

    To reach elimination, Mozambique is making a concerted effort to scale up its malaria surveillance activities by creating a data-to-action culture for malaria programme management.

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  • Seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC)


    Optimising the role of lead mothers during the seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign in Kano state, Nigeria: A mixed-methods study

    With this study, we aim to develop, implement and evaluate an intervention to optimise the role of lead mothers, women who promote health activities in their communities, as part of the SMC campaign in northern Nigeria.

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    Feasibility and acceptability of extending seasonal malaria chemoprevention to children aged 5–10 years

    This study aimed to understand the barriers to delivering seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Massaguet district, Chad, to children above 59 months.

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    Exploring the implementation of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Mozambique

    Seasonal malaria chemoprevention was delivered for the first time in Mozambique in 2020–2021, achieving very high coverage of households and eligible children.

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    Evaluating the feasibility, acceptability and protective effectiveness of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Karamoja, Uganda

    Karamoja region in northeast Uganda has the highest malaria incidence rate in the country. With our study, we aim to inform malaria decision-making and policy change and strengthen existing interventions to further reduce malaria morbidity and mortality.

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    Infographic:Taking seasonal malaria chemoprevention to new geographies

    Our webinar on November 30th 2021 explored if SMC can be deployed in other areas of Africa where malaria transmission is seasonal. 

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