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Successful applicants receive Dr Sylvia Meek Scholarship

1 September 2017
Successful applicants receive Dr Sylvia Meek Scholarship

Malaria Consortium and Mahidol University set up an entomology scholarship in memory of Dr Sylvia Meek, former Malaria Consortium Technical Director, to honour her outstanding work to help reduce the impact of vector borne diseases. Yesterday Carrie Brown, Dr Meek’s sister, was at a ceremony at Mahidol University, Bangkok, to award the scholarships to two future entomologists. 

"No better tribute could have been given to Sylvia than the launch of the Dr Sylvia Meek Scholarship for Entomology at Mahidol University today. It is a very proud day for her family, a great day for the study of entomology and a wonderful and fitting recognition of Sylvia's contribution to science and world health. Thank you, Malaria Consortium for having the vision to establish this scholarship." 

At the event, Carrie Brown and Charles Nelson, Chief Executive of Malaria Consortium, officially awarded the scholarship to the two successful applicants in Asia, which will allow them to take on a two years’ masters.

Meet the awardees

Somsanith Chonephetsarath, Laos


Somsanith has a background in both environment and in entomology. Her most recent role, before starting her studies in Entomology at Mahidol, was a laboratory technician in the Medical Entomology and Vector Biology Department at Institut Pasteur du Laos.

"My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from scholarship sponsors like your organisation.  Thank you again for enabling this opportunity."



 Muhammad Adnan, Pakistan

Muhammad completed his BSc in Agriculture, with a specialisation in Entomology, achieving the first position in the department.

"I'm fascinated about those insects that have medical importance. I want to conduct research on these insects, and my aim is work hard to brighten my country's name. A hearty thanks."


We are very grateful for all who contributed to the memorial scholarship fund.

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