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Latest News Malaria consortium to lead usaid pmi malaria project in uganda

Malaria Consortium to lead USAID/PMI malaria project in Uganda

6 September 2016

Malaria Consortium is pleased to announce that it has been selected to implement USAID/PMI’s Uganda’s Malaria Action Program for Districts Project. The contract is valued at over US$41 million and will run for a period of five years.

The purpose of the contract is to prevent and control malaria morbidity and mortality in Uganda through a range of activities, which will result in minimising the social impact and economic losses on those affected. Working with the Government of Uganda, USAID/PMI’s Uganda’s Malaria Action Program for Districts Project aims to ensure that malaria will no longer be the major cause of illness and death in the country and that families will have universal access to malaria prevention, diagnostic and treatment interventions. The success of this programme will also contribute to the reduction of under-five mortality rate from all causes, as a result of reduced malaria infection.

“This gives USAID through Malaria Consortium the opportunity to seriously contribute to the reduction of malaria in Uganda in about a third of the country,” said Godfrey Magumba, Malaria Consortium’s Uganda Country Director. “Success will be achieved following the Ministry of Health policies and guidelines as well as using our own expertise.”.

Malaria Consortium is the prime contractor for USAID/PMI’s Uganda’s Malaria Action Program for Districts. Sub-contractors in the delivery of this contract are Jhpiego, Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), Banyan Global, Deloitte Uganda and Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU).

Malaria Consortium’s Chief Executive, Charles Nelson, added, “This is an exciting opportunity for Malaria Consortium to bring its depth of technical expertise to bear in supporting the delivery of a hugely important programme. Vector control, case management and health system strengthening  are central to our mission and I am delighted that through USAID/PMI’s Uganda’s Malaria Action Program for Districts Project we will be able to have a profoundly positive impact in these areas over the next five years in Uganda.”

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