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Latest News Cameroon coalition against malaria receives global fund project approval

NEWS: Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria Receives Global Fund Project Approval

12 November 2009

London, 12 November 2009The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has approved a proposal to expand malaria control across all those at risk from the disease in Cameroon.  Malaria Consortium’s partner and affiliate, the Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria (CCAM), will manage the advocacy component of the project.

Channelled through the Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health, the project will provide long-lasting insecticidal treated nets through community based distribution with community participation. It will also provide intermittent preventive treatment for malaria to pregnant women and support diagnostics for malaria.

CCAM has worked closely with the Cameroon National Malaria Control Programme over the past three years, establishing itself as a reliable partner and gaining credible authority in Cameroon as a result of the collective work of its members.  It is as a result of CCAM’s support of Cameroon’s Global Fund Round 9 submission which resulted in it being selected to manage the advocacy component of the five-year project. The project covers the entire national territory and will see CCAM providing institutional and technical support to the Country Coordinator Mechanism as well as supporting the growth of its staff and logistics capacity.

About Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria (CCAM)
The CCAM is the Cameroonian affiliate of Malaria Consortium, the world’s leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the control of malaria and other communicable diseases in Africa and Asia. CCAM is non-political, non-governmental and non-profit, functioning as an advocacy association that fights for the control and prevention of malaria in Cameroon in collaboration with the National Malaria Control Programme. The head office of CCAM is located in Yaoundé.

About the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
The Global Fund is a public/private partnership dedicated to attracting and disbursing additional resources to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Since its creation in 2002, the Global Fund has provided the majority of international funding for malaria.

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