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Board of Directors, Malaria Consortium U.S.

Malaria Consortium U.S. (MC-US) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors (BoD) with a set of established by-laws. The MC-US BoD meet twice a year to ensure MC-US is in compliance with US State and Federal regulations for 501(c)(3) charities, review Malaria Consortium’s operational and technical strategy, oversee financials, approve and award grant distributions which support new and existing projects, and review grant reports to ensure outcomes are being met. There are currently three directors, and each director has one vote.

MC-US is also comprised of three ‘officers’ – the Chief Executive of Malaria Consortium, the Chief Financial Officer and the MC-US Representative who serve as President, Treasurer and Secretary of MC-US respectively.

The BoD retains pro-bono legal counsel with Morrison & Foerster LLP, an international law firm located in Washington, DC.