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Malaria Consortium policies and procedures

A number of notices and policies govern the practices of this website and our wider organisation. They are available below to view or download in full.

Anti-Bribery Policy

The purpose of the Malaria Consortium Anti-Bribery Policy is to ensure all operations take place in an honest and ethical manner and ensure the implementation of a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and an insistence on the highest standards of integrity.


Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy

The purpose of the Malaria Consortium Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy is to minimise fraud through a series of measures, including clear policies and processes, regular internal and external audits and training for all staff.


Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The purpose of the Anti-Money Laundering Policy is to set out with the aim of prevening opportunities for money laundering activities to occur within the organisation.


Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Malaria Consortium Code of Conduct is to establish a common understanding of the standards of behaviour required by Malaria Consortium. Malaria Consortium’s position on Malaria Consortium’s Code of Conduct is binding on all staff, including global positions and national roles, full and part time staff, interns, contractors, suppliers, consultants, volunteers, and Trustees.


Combating Trafficking in Persons: Compliance Plan

This document outlines the policies and practices that interact with the organisation's commitment to combating trafficking in persons.


Conflict of Interest Policy

The aim of the Malaria Consortium Conflict of Interest Policy is to is to provide guidance to relevant individuals on handling possible conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of our work.


Environmental Policy

The aim of the Malaria Consortium Environmental Policy is to set out our commitments to address environmental issues that may arise as a result of our operations.


Equal Opportunities Policy

The aim of the Malaria Consortium Equal Opportunities Policy is to assist the organisation in putting its commitment to equal opportuinities into practice.


Modern Slavery Statement

This statement outlines Malaria Consortium's commitment to ensuring that our activities and our decisions do not contribute to modern slavery in any of its forms.


Procurement Policy

The aim of the Malaria Consortium Procurement Policy is to govern the planning, sourcing and delivery of supplies, services and works (i.e. products) that provide good value and accountability to those we serve, through effective and timely procurement planning and processes which are proportionate, transparent and fair and in compliance with donor rules and applicable laws.


Safeguarding Policy

The purpose of the Malaria Consortium Safeguarding outlines the organisation's commitment to the belief that all children and vulnerable adults have equal rights to protection from violence and exploitation. This policy is accompanied by guidance, downloadable below.


Whistleblowing Policy

The aim of the Malaria Consortium Whistle Blowing Policy is to provide a mechanism for anyone to report any suspicious, unethical, abusive or corrupt activities without fear of being penalised in any way.


Website notices

Privacy Notice

This notice governs the way in which Malaria Consortium uses personal information provided by supporters via the website, and how use of the website effects the user.

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Copyright and Permissions Notice

This notice outlines the terms that govern the use of Malaria Consortium's publications, photos and materials published in print and online and through and they way in which Malaria Consortium should be attributed if they are reproduced. 

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Complaints Notice

This notice provides guidance on how a supporter can make a complaint about Malaria Consortium's fundraising or communications activities and information on how a complaint will be dealt with.

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