Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism (EA) is a global movement made up of many organisations that advocate for funding the most cost effective, evidence-based programmes for saving and improving lives, maximising the good that can be done with donations. These organisations partner with different charities and promote the charity’s programmes on their own websites. Malaria Consortium receives donations from the following EA organisations.

2017- mother and baby (Sophie Garcia)

Effective giving groups

  • Ayuda Efectiva – Spain


    Ayuda Efectiva is a non-profit organisation launched in June 2020 to make effective giving more easily accessible for donors in Spain. The charity’s purposes include protecting human life and promoting effective altruism. Malaria Consortium has partnered with Ayuda Efectiva since 2021 and received funds for our seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme.


  • Effective Altruism Australia


    Founded in 2016, Effective Altruism Australia uses research from multiple leading charity evaluators to assess the impact that financial resources from donors in Australia can have. Malaria Consortium has partnered with this organisation since June 2017.


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  • Effective Altruism Foundation – Switzerland


    The Effective Altruism Foundation in Switzerland implements projects aimed at having the greatest impact on reducing suffering. Malaria Consortium partnered with this organisation in September 2018. At this time, the Foundation handled tax-deductible EA donations made in Switzerland and Germany, until Effectiv Spenden was founded in Germany in 2019.


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  • Effectiv Spenden – Germany


    Effectiv Spenden is the main organisation handling donations from Effective Altruists in Germany, helping donors in Germany to give financial support to development aid organisations meeting the highest standards,, in line with GiveWell recommendations. Malaria Consortium has been a partner of Effectiv Spenden since February 2019.


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  • Founders Pledge – UK


    Founders Pledge is a network of altruistic company founders and executives who, upon joining, pledge to donate a percentage of their personal earnings to charities recommended by GiveWell, hence our seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme is a beneficiary. Founders Pledge also allocate smaller unrestricted funds to assist organisations with operating costs.


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  • Stifelsen Effekt – Norway


    Stifelsen Effekt is the main Effective Altruism entity in Norway. Most of the funds that Malaria Consortium receives from this organisation are restricted to our seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme, recommended by GiveWell. However, we have also received restricted funds from Stifelsen Effekt to support our projects.


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  • SoGive


    SoGive is a platform that allows its users to track the impact of the donations they make. The platform chooses representative projects from charities and displays an estimate of how donations to these projects are then used. Funds we receive from SoGive are restricted to our seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme.


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  • The Life You Can Save


    Based on the ideology of founder, Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save selects charities based on effectiveness and so is largely influenced by the recommendations of GiveWell. This organisation recommends Malaria Consortium’s seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme to its members in the United States of America.


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  • The Life You Can Save – Australia


    The Life You Can Save Australia is a splinter organisation of the larger US-based Life You Can Save organisation. All donations received by Malaria Consortium from this organisation are also restricted to our seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme.


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