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Second Asia Symposium: Addressing infectious diseases through sustainable health systems

Convenor: Malaria Consortium Date and time: 1:00am on 9 March 2016

The three-day Bangkok-based Symposium - Addressing infectious diseases through sustainable health systems – was organised by Malaria Consortium to share findings and showcase innovative practices from malaria, dengue and infectious disease research and implementation projects from Asia and Africa. Its aim was to generate interaction among government representatives, donors and implementing organisations for developing plans for effective collaboration to achieve the SDGs through investment in sustainable health systems.

Delegates at the Symposium discussed these regional challenges during the three days, exploring ways to collaborate better and promote mutual learning on key aspects of infectious disease management, such as malaria and neglected tropical diseases or pneumonia. Participants heard about good practices and promising approaches, including what needs to be done to strengthen surveillance and standardise case management regionally. Other topics on the agenda ranged from new mobile health technology to emerging disease outbreaks and influencing health policy in the Asia Pacific Region.

Read the full event report here.

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