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Remembering Dr Sylvia Meek

This page is in tribute to Dr Sylvia Meek, co-founder of Malaria Consortium and world-leading scientist and practitioner in the field of malaria control. Until her untimely death in 2016, Sylvia was instrumental in driving us to become the successful evidence-based, health research and implementation organisation we are today

Sylvia’s contribution to the fight against infectious disease cannot be overstated. She co-founded Malaria Consortium in 2003 with a vision to fill health care system gaps and reach the most vulnerable communities with evidence-based interventions, as well as continuing health research in areas where it is needed most. Her legacy is enormous. She has been instrumental in changing for the better so many lives around the world and saving many more as a result of her work.

We remember Sylvia every day in the very fabric of what we do at Malaria Consortium. She is behind all that we have achieved because she has left us strong, capable and driven to achieve our mission.