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Project Overview

COMDIS-HSD is a Research Programme Consortium (RPC) which carries out research projects across a variety of settings in order to improve delivery of health services for underserved populations, with a focus on communicable diseases. The RPC is funded by the UK Government and coordinated by The Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development at the University of Leeds. Malaria Consortium is one of six COMDIS-HSD partners.

COMDIS-HSD seeks to influence policy and practice by focusing its research on seven thematic areas:

  1. Community interventions;
  2. Minimising drug resistance;
  3. Primary care services;
  4. Urban healthcare;
  5. Accessible and user-friendly services;
  6. Health behaviour change;
  7. Quality of care;

The programme is guided by the principle that research should be embedded within ministries of health and national programmes to ensure that research findings are rapidly incorporated into policy and practice. This means close cooperation with stakeholders to ensure that the research is aligned with national priorities.

Malaria Consortium currently has six projects that are carried out under COMDIS-HSD.