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Support us from the USA

Support us from the USA


We rely on the generosity of our supporters. Even a small amount of money can make a big difference and help us to protect and save lives. For every dollar donated to Malaria Consortium over 95% is spent on our programmes. See what your money could help us to achieve or choose an amount to donate on our FirstGiving site.

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pays for 200 rapid diagnostic tests for malaria Watch our video to find out how malaria tests save lives


pays for training for 6 rural health workers over a year  Find out how health workers, like Christopher in Uganda, are saving lives – watch our video

Make a single donation



pays for a long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN), protecting 2 lives for up to 3 years  The LLINs you help us provide, save lives Find out more here


pays for 6 nets which will protect 2 families from malaria for up to 3 years  Find out how LLINs protect families in Uganda, like Rosetta’s, here


pays for life-saving malaria treatment for 200 children under the age of 5  Children are the most vulnerable to malaria.

Find out how donations protect children like Goodluck from this deadly disease


pays for LLINs for 25 mothers and 100 children, training for 1 rural health worker and a supply of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria  Find out more about the life-saving interventions you can support here

Photos By: Vicky Dawe/Comic Relief, Mimi Mollica & William Daniels.

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