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Village Health Clubs- creating a 'Collective Voice'

Dec 6, 2013

As part of Malaria Consortium’s inSCALE project, community health workers in Uganda known as Village Health Team members (VHTs) have been trained to facilitate Village Health Clubs in their communities.

The village health clubs aim to improvechild health through a community led forum with the VHTs as the main focus point. Village health club meetings provide a forum where VHTs and community members, who are part of the club, can work together to identify child health and VHT challenges. They are using village networks, personal experience and knowledge, creativity and other community assets to help solve child health problems.

In a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Albert called Kigungu, VHTs Kabagenyi Scovia and Kiiza Langton are facilitating a club called ‘Collective Voice’. As part of this club, a credit and savings initiative has been created to support potential medical expenses or other activities in the community.

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