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upSCALE newsletters and diagrams

Published: 30th November 2018

Annual Review Meeting of the upSCALE platform in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique

Published: 1st November 2018

Expanding community-based mobile health (mHealth) in Mozambique

Published: 11th March 2018

Malaria Consortium receives new funding for mobile health system in Mozambique

Published: 27th September 2016

Malaria Consortium presents at the 2015 ASTMH Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Published: 26th October 2015

Two global malaria strategies for 2016-2030 presented at Financing for Development Conference

Published: 13th July 2015

World Malaria Day 2015: more funds needed at crucial moment in development history

Published: 24th April 2015

Improving access to community health in Uganda - audio

Published: 19th February 2015

Delivering health services to children through integrated community case management in Uganda

Published: 23rd October 2014

Malaria Consortium presents at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems

Published: 3rd October 2014

InSCALE: Advocating for increased iCCM coverage in Uganda

Published: 23rd September 2014

Meetings in Geneva seek to address challenges in the detection of the symptoms of pneumonia

Published: 21st July 2014

Improving pneumonia diagnostics through the use of counting beads

Published: 15th July 2014

Photo story - village health clubs improving child health in Uganda

Published: 27th June 2014

Reviewing the impact and implementation of community health worker supervision

Published: 26th June 2014

Malaria Consortium seeks to advance discussions on diagnosis of pneumonia symptoms

Published: 25th June 2014

Supporting community health workers using mHealth: preliminary results of the first year of implementation

Published: 25th June 2014

Pioneering Progress: celebrating UK leadership in the fight against malaria

Published: 20th June 2014

Malaria Consortium presents at webinar on community health worker motivation and performance

Published: 16th May 2014

Reviewing the evidence: iCCM symposium in Ghana

Published: 6th May 2014

Webinar : Developing and implementing interventions to improve community health worker motivation and performance

Published: 6th May 2014

Sustaining iCCM in Uganda: medicine redistribution

Published: 6th May 2014

Tackling Avoidable Childhood Deaths from Malaria Head-on

Published: 5th May 2014

New film: Community Health Workers key in fighting malaria

Published: 25th April 2014

World Health Worker Week – in pictures

Published: 10th April 2014

iCCM – Reviewing the evidence

Published: 3rd March 2014

Malaria Consortium launches 10th anniversary report

Published: 24th February 2014

Malaria Consortium announces multi-country programme for pneumonia diagnostics

Published: 19th December 2013

2013 - ICCM at the forefront of the international agenda

Published: 12th December 2013

Caregivers appreciate the quality of care provided by their community health workers

Published: 12th December 2013

inSCALE CommCare App - watch the demo and download!

Published: 11th December 2013

Village Health Clubs- creating a 'Collective Voice'

Published: 6th December 2013

Sustaining Integrated Community Case Management to improve child health in Uganda

Published: 6th December 2013

Malaria Consortium at MIM 2013

Published: 1st October 2013

Cross-country experiences: Learning about ICCM for programme improvement

Published: 30th August 2013

Integrating the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia and diarrhoea for child survival

Published: 28th August 2013

A changed person, a changed community.

Published: 28th August 2013

Symposium – Community Health Workers: bringing health closer to home for Mozambicans

Published: 2nd August 2013

ICCM: Sharing what works - Symposium

Published: 31st May 2013

Malaria Consortium calls for urgent and sustained scale-up of ICCM to meet MDGs

Published: 30th May 2013

Malaria Consortium supports the United Nations commission on life saving commodities for women and children

Published: 10th May 2013

Mobile health (mHealth ) approaches and lessons for increased performance and retention of community health workers.

Published: 9th May 2013

Investment needed to continue saving our children’s lives

Published: 8th May 2013

Malaria Consortium signs onto Global Action Plan

Published: 18th April 2013

Achieving impact: supporting and motivating frontline health workers

Published: 11th April 2013

Are the concerns of low-income countries sufficiently addressed in the post-2015 development agenda?

Published: 28th February 2013

Lessons learned from the roll out of RDTs

Published: 18th December 2012

inSCALE Technology Innovation in Uganda

Published: 18th December 2012

Developing intervention strategies to improve community health worker motivation and performance

Published: 17th December 2012

World Pneumonia Day, Bringing Healthcare closer to Home

Published: 12th November 2012

Case study: Come on inside, there’s no malaria in here!

Published: 10th October 2012

Supporting and Motivating Village Health Teams

Published: 7th August 2012

Malaria Consortium Welcomes Clinton-Museveni Pledge to Eliminate Diarrhoeal Deaths in Uganda

Published: 20th July 2012

Malaria Consortium Helps Mobilise for Child Survival

Published: 20th June 2012

UNICEF Report: Tackling diarrhoea and pneumonia key to reducing child mortality

Published: 12th June 2012

CCM Essentials Guide available in French

Published: 31st May 2012

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb visits Malaria Consortium’s project area in Uganda

Published: 3rd February 2012

inSCALE project’s first Technical Advisory Group meeting in Kampala

Published: 5th January 2012

Listen to Saul Morris’s impressions on his recent visit to Uganda.

Published: 20th December 2011

Roll Back Malaria: Roll Back Pneumonia too

Published: 8th December 2011

Achieving Lasting Impact at Scale

Published: 17th November 2011

Joint Statement on Scaling up the Community Based Health Workforce for Emergencies

Published: 25th October 2011

New Reviews of European Health Spending in Mozambique and Uganda

Published: 26th August 2011

Support and Supervision for Community Health Workers

Published: 26th August 2011

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation commits to tackling diarrhoea and pneumonia

Published: 26th August 2011

Videos: Bringing healthcare to the community in Uganda

Published: 26th August 2011

Paying Community Health Workers Debated in South Africa

Published: 25th August 2011
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