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Journal articles

Introduction of newborn care within integrated community case management in Uganda

Community acceptability and adoption of integrated community case management in Uganda

Interventions to Improve Motivation and Retention of Community Health Workers Delivering Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM): Stakeholder Perceptions and Priorities.

Mobile health (mHealth) approaches and lessons for increased performance and retention of community health workers in low- and middle-income countries: a review.

Perceived quality of care for common childhood illnesses: Facility versus community based providers in Uganda.

The use of counting beads to improve the classification of fast breathing in low-resource settings: a multi-country review

Supervising community health workers in low-income countries: a review of impact and implementation issues.

Evaluating the effect of innovative motivation and supervision approaches on community health worker performance and retention in Uganda and Mozambique: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Valuing the work of unpaid community health workers and exploring the incentives to volunteering in rural Africa.

Using theory and formative research to design interventions to improve community health worker motivation, retention and performance in Mozambique and Uganda. 

Estimating the cost of referral and willingness to pay for referral to higher-level health facilities: a case series study from an integrated community case management programme in Uganda.

Impact of an integrated community case management programme on uptake of appropriate diarrhoea and pneumonia treatments in Uganda: A propensity score matching and equity analysis study.

Potential Roles of Mhealth for Community Health Workers: Formative Research With End Users in Uganda and Mozambique.