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Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Malaria Consortium works closely with corporate partners to deliver programmes with impact. We greatly value public-private partnerships and look to engage the private sector in the common goal to improve and save lives.

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Why support Malaria Consortium?

Malaria Consortium is one of the world’s leading not for profit organisations dedicated to the control of malaria, as well as child health and neglected tropical diseases.

  • With 90 percent of our staff working in malaria endemic areas, our local insight and practical tools give us the agility to respond to critical challenges quickly and effectively.

  • We apply our depth of technical expertise and practical experience to develop smarter solutions that improve and save lives.

  • We continuously innovate and increase the impact of malaria and disease control programmes so that they benefit all communities, including delivery in the most challenging environments – we have pioneered best practices and approaches, setting the standards that others now follow.

  • Our unique structure and robust approach to tackling malaria enables us to deliver programmes that are amongst the most cost effective public health programmes.

Malaria Consortium works under the guiding principles: evidence-based, collaborative and community-focused.

Working with Malaria Consortium

We have been working with corporate partners since its inception to provide programmes such as prevention and advocacy to communities in the most challenging environments.  Malaria Consortium works to ensure that strategic partnerships are formed which are mutually beneficial and show demonstrable results.

Tailored partnership opportunities

We work on numerous types of programmes that corporate sponsors can get involved with.  This includes malaria prevention, treatment, research and advocacy as well as our work on malaria control in post-conflict situations and strengthening local capacity through health systems. We also use our expertise in malaria to integrate with other communicable diseases, equally devastating to young children (such as pneumonia and diarrhoea) and neglected tropical diseases.

Invest in one of the world’s leading not-for-profit dedicated to the comprehensive control of malaria.If you are interested in finding out more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

 What our partners say

GlaxoSmithKline are delighted to have frequently partnered with Malaria Consortium in the fight against malaria. As part of our investment in community programmes we seek to make a difference in the lives of people in both developed and developing countries.  We focus on programmes at the community level, and on high level advocacy to raise the profile of malaria and influence European and African governments to make the disease a priority for action. We chose Malaria Consortium to implement "Mobilising for Malaria" as they have an outstanding reputation as an expert resource and advocacy organisation in the field of malaria. We have had an excellent relationship and recently extended this programme for a fourth year to build on the successes achieved to date.

Sumitomo Chemical

Sumitomo Chemical has had a long-term relationship with Malaria Consortium and is delighted to partner with this organisation both ‘on the ground’ in Africa, where we supply it with our Olyset long-lasting insecticidal nets, and in the UK,  where we support its work focusing on mobilising society in the fight against malaria. We also work with Malaria Consortium at a global level within the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. Malaria Consortium combines a sound technical and scientific knowledge of the malaria problem with a strong understanding of what is required from an advocacy perspective. An example of this partnership was where Sumitomo Chemical and Malaria Consortium joined forces to sponsor a photographic exhibition called Mauvais Air, which highlighted issues about malaria. Malaria Consortium was not only efficient but very helpful and accommodating and created a true spirit of partnership between the two organisations, and as a result we all worked well together, creating a memorable and well attended event. Malaria Consortium has fostered a great network of people including parliamentarians, NGOs and academics who are involved and concerned about malaria. Sumitomo Chemical are proud to be a partner .

Vestergaard Frandsen
We are proud to be associated with a staff of professionals that share our deep sense of commitment to fighting malaria. We have always been impressed with the unique approach Malaria Consortium takes to fighting this preventable disease through smart partnerships with communities, academic groups, government and non-government agencies, global and local partners, and companies like ours. The malaria problem is complex, but by investing in prevention through bed nets, in treatment programmes and in research on emerging topics like insecticide resistance, Malaria Consortium has made a powerful contribution towards controlling and eliminating malaria once and for all.

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