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Our projects (Asia)

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Our projects (Asia)

Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance: Active Detection and Treatment (Pailin)
The aim of this project is to understand the feasibility and potential impact of screening for asymptomatic malaria in households where a febrile case of malaria has been reported.

IMMERSE: Innovative Malaria M&E Research and Surveillance towards Elimination
The project aims to provide technical support and guidance to national programmes, to develop methodologies and tools for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and surveillance. It also aims to test and evaluate innovative methods to guide transition from malaria control to pre-elimination and elimination in resistance containment and low transmission settings.

Cambodia - Identification algorithm for asymptomatic malaria in migrants
This project aims to explore how cross-border malaria surveillance can be adapted and targeted to migrant populations in Cambodia. The results of this initial project will determine whether surveillance should be continued and scaled-up. 

Beyond Garki Cambodia
The purpose of the project is to monitor the changing malaria epidemiology within the context of available interventions and assess the conditions necessary to reduce transmission below the critical level. In Pailin province (Cambodia) it also aims to assess conditions towards malaria pre-elimination and elimination goals.

Thailand - Partnership for Containment of Artemisinin Resistance - Global Fund Round 10
The aim of this Global Fund Round 10 project is to support efforts to eliminate Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites in Thailand and contribute to the targets of the Global Malaria Action Plan. 

Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria Activities in the GMS

The aim is to support national malaria programmes and partners in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) to put in place a reliable evidence base that is continuously updated and used to refine and improve control strategies and mobilise resources.


Cambodia Global Fund Malaria - Round 9

The aim of the Global Fund Round 9 project is to expand the work on thecontainment of artemisinin resistant malaria and to move towards the preelimination of malaria in Cambodia.


Malaria Consortium was also a key partner in the
Containment project in Southeast Asia, responding to the emergence of drug resistant malaria in the region. For more information about Malaria Consortium's projects in Asia and a full list of relevant media, please click here.

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