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Inhambane province district of Zavala

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Geographical Location
Zavala is a district of Mozambique located in the southern province of Inhambane. Its seat is the village of Quissico. Has geographical boundaries, with the northern districts of Panda and Inharrime, east and south by the Indian Ocean and west to the Manjacaze district of Gaza province.

Area and Population
The Zavala district has an area of 2011 square kilometers and a population of 139,145, according to preliminary results of the 2007 Census, resulting in a population density of 69.19 inhabitants / km². The population recorded in 2007 represents an increase of 10.2% compared to 126 730 inhabitants registered in the 1997 Census.

Source of Income
Agriculture is the dominant activity and involves the majority of local households. The main food crops of the family sector are maize, cassava, peanuts and beans. The most important livestock in the district, for the consumption of households and marketing are chickens and goats.

The district has 10 health centers and one health post of the 91 existing centers throughout the province. The district has 0.59 beds per 1000 inhabitants. A total of 59 general bens and 44 beds for maternity. The infant mortality rate in-hospital malaria is 2.5%

In terms of educational infrastructure by the year 2008, the Zavala district had a total of 101 schools of which 100 are primary schools of grades I and II and 1 Secondary. The total number of students is 43,065 for 3722 and primary levels to secondary school. The illiteracy rate is 100.8%.

Number of APE
The district has 04 APEs, 3 under the supervision of Health Center of Quissico and one of Health Center Banguza.