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Inhambane province district of Mabote

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Geographic Location
Mabote district is located within the northern part of Inhambane province, Mozambique. Its seat is the village of Mabote. It limits the north with the Machaze district of Manica province and Machanga in Sofala province, east to the districts and Govuro Inhassoro, south to the district Funhalouro and west to the districts and Chigubo Massangena province Gaza.

Area and Population
Mabote district has an area of 15,326 square kilometers and a population of 44,733, according to preliminary results of the 2007 Census, resulting in a density of 2.92 inhabitants per km². It has a total of 8672 households.

Sources of Income
Agriculture is the dominant activity and involves the majority of local households. The main food crops of the family sector are maize, cassava, peanuts and beans. The most important livestock in the district, for the consumption of households and marketing are chickens, goats and ducks.

In terms of health infrastructures, the Mabote district has five health facilities, of the 103 existing health facilities throughout the province. In general, there are 1.13 beds per 1000 inhabitants. There are 24 beds in both adult and paedriatic wards and 23 beds in maternity wards. In 2010, the case fatality rate due to malaria in paedriatic wards was 6.9%.

Number of APE
In Mabote district there are 4 APE, of which two are under supervision of CS Mussanger (Mussanger health center); Each of the remaining two APE is under the supervision of CS Mabote, CS Marrengo,  CS Mafuiane, and CS Tanguane respectively.

In terms of infrastructure by the year 2008, the district Mabote had a total of 42 schools of which 41 are primary schools in the I and II degrees and a secondary. The total number of students is 10,624 for the primary levels and 386 to the secondary. The illiteracy rate is 54%.