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inSCALE CommCare App - watch the demo and download!

Dec 11, 2013

The innovative mobile phone application to improve performance and motivation among community health workers in Mozambique (known as Agentes Polivalentes Elementares, APEs) is now available to download online.

The inSCALE CommCare App, developed by the inSCALE project and Dimagi is being used by APEs and their supervisors in Mozambique to improve their motivation, performance and retention, and ultimately increase appropriate treatment of sick children.

A demonstration of the App is now available to watch using the example of Maria Alberto, a young child with pneumonia. The video walks through the steps followed in a consultation with a patient using the phone, including going through the symptoms, the danger signs and the child’s immunisation status. As Maria Alberto was found to have a cough, the APEs also uses an integrated respiratory timer to assess breathing rate and offer a diagnosis based on age and number of breaths. The APEs also uses the App to play health education messages about pneumonia to the caregiver.

More generally, the software has been tailor made for the APEs based on their already existing job aids to make sure that no symptom or sign is missed, while providing treatment guidance when all steps are complete. Images and audio have been included in the software to refresh the skills in illness identification and treatment. The App is also being used to identify danger signs in newborns and pregnant women as well as guiding malaria treatment in adults. In addition, tools such as the respiratory timer to diagnose symptoms of pneumonia have been built in to the software to facilitate some of the most commonly challenging aspects of the APEs’ work.  

Health facility and district level CHW supervisors receive weekly and monthly email reports with aggregated data, CHW performance and actionable recommendations on areas needing supervision or follow-up. In addition, the supervisor App allows them to more effectively and efficiently track and address issues around CHW performance using specially developed competency checklists. Both APEs and their supervisors also receive monthly motivational messages with tips on how to improve performance.

The inSCALE CommCare App is an innovative approach to addressing some of the key challenges faced by APEs and can be tailored to meet additional needs at both community and health facility level as well as used by community health workers across different countries. Learn more about the App and how it can be used to improve the care of children in rural communities by watching the demo or downloading to your phone.

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