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Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb visits Malaria Consortium’s project area in Uganda

Feb 3, 2012

Watch an interesting news piece filmed by Al Jazeera in Kiboga district, showing the impact of malaria on children and families in rural Uganda, and the amazing work of Village Health Teams volunteers, Uganda’s’ community health workers trained by Malaria Consortium.

A new research published by the British science journal The Lancet states that 1.2 million people  die from malaria in the world every year – more than twice as high as what has previously been reported -  but accurate figures about infection rates are hard to confirm, as not all cases of malaria are properly diagnosed or documented.


In Uganda, Malaria Consortium is supporting the Ministry of Health to tackle the disease and improve data collection, focusing on nets and drugs distribution, as well as training of community health workers.

With the ICCM and inSCALE projects (funded by CIDA and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Malaria Consortium aims to increase both coverage and quality of health interventions such as Integrated Community Case Management for diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria at village level. Community health workers are trained to diagnose and treat these three main childhood illnesses: an intervention with the potential of reducing child mortality by over 60%.


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