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Pneumonia Diagnostics

Project details

South Sudan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Partner Organisations
Ministries of Health
Scientific Advisory Committee

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Cambodia Ethiopia South Sudan Uganda

Project overview

This project identified the most accurate, acceptable, scalable and user-friendly respiratory rate (RR) timers and pulse oximeters for diagnosis of pneumonia symptoms in children by community health workers (CHWs) and first level health facility workers (FLHFW) in four low-income countries. 

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in children under five in both Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. A large number of the children who die from pneumonia do so as a result of inappropriate treatment due to misdiagnosis of symptoms. In order to tackle the large number of childhood deaths from this preventable and treatable disease, ministries of health are investing in community health workers to deliver lifesaving diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics.



Project brief

Photo for: Improved tools for the measurement of respiratory rate and oxygen saturation for the detection of signs of pneumonia Click here to read

Research Phases

Phase 1: Device Selection
Phase 2: Performance Evaluation
Phase 3: Acceptability and Usability

Malaria Consortium Strategy 2021-2025

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