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Mass campaigns often focus exclusively on coverage to evaluate programme performance. However, to achieve the desired health impact, implementing with high quality is equally important. In the context of public health campaigns, quality is typically conceptualised in terms of the degree to which they are safe, efficacious, timely, efficient, equitable and people-centered.

Malaria Consortium is committed to further strengthening the quality of the implementation of seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) across our programme, and also to expanding the capacity to collect data to assess quality and inform improvements to how we implement SMC.

In 2020, this will entail the development of quality standards for different components of the SMC intervention, and the inclusion of appropriate quality indicators in monitoring and evaluation systems.

The quality standards will describe benchmarks, requirements, specifications and guidelines that, if followed well and consistently, ensure that the correct quantity of the antimalarial medicines used in SMC is available and administered safely and correctly to eligible children each monthly SMC cycle, and that treatments are accurately recorded. Standardising our approach to quality will help the SMC programme achieve the desired impact. It is also expected to result in improved cost-effectiveness, less wastage, and more reliable data.