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Monitoring & Evaluation

Malaria Consortium is committed to rigorously monitoring and evaluating the performance of its seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) programme. This allows us to have the confidence that our implementation model is effective, we are reaching our target population and our programme is having the intended impact. Crucially, it also allows us to identify areas where we need to improve. We use the information we collect to inform both logistical and technical decision-making. The methods we use have to be scientifically robust and operationally feasible.

An SMC indicator framework

To strengthen and harmonise how we assess the performance of our SMC programme, in 2020 we are developing an M&E indicator framework. The framework will guide the collection and analysis of data relating to programme inputs, processes and outputs, with a view to improving quality and use of programme data. It will define how we demonstrate coverage and quality of programme implementation, and how we assess the impact of SMC. This will include a problem statement that clearly defines the objective of implementing SMC and a list of M&E indicators. We have developed a publication on designing and implementing the M&E indicator framework. 

Read our publication