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Save a baby's life today

We want you to meet Jakarrin, her husband Stephen and their beautiful twin girls. These babies were both born premature, after just 32 weeks.

They were tiny, frail and vulnerable.

In Africa, premature birth is one of the leading killers of newborn babies – and it is the number one killer in Uganda, where Jakarrin and her family live.

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Without help, these vulnerable babies would almost certainly have died.

But thanks to generous donors like you, Malaria Consortium was able to provide simple, cost-effective support to Jakarrin and Stephen by introducing them to a method called “kangaroo care”.

Kangaroo mother care involves wrapping a blanket around the baby and snuggling them close to their parent’s bare chest. This keeps the baby warm, encourages frequent breastfeeding, and helps the parents to bond with their babies through skin-to-skin contact. Kangaroo mother care also calms the babies’ breathing and heartbeat, providing security and comfort.  

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Local health workers trained by Malaria Consortium taught Jakarrin and Stephen about the value of kangaroo mother care, and showed them how to take care of their premature twins.

“Thanks to the training from Malaria Consortium, we have been able to take care of our twins using the kangaroo method,” Stephen says.

Thanks to our generous supporters, Jakarrin and Stephen’s beautiful twins didn’t just survive – they are thriving.

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“The kangaroo care has helped me to warm the babies,” Jakarrin says. “Now they are grown we are breastfeeding well and I can continue to work while keeping the baby warm.

Together we can give children in Africa the chance to grow up happy and healthy, and live fulfilled lives. Together we can improve healthcare in developing countries like Uganda, transforming lives and economies.

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