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Video: Nigeria - Nets for All

6 July 2010

Malaria Consortium has produced a series of communications materials to outline its efforts of relieving Nigeria of its malaria burden. These include a new brochure, case studies and a six-minute video. The video, which can be viewed on Malaria Consortium’s YouTube channel and the other materials highlight the efforts made to address the issue.

Up to 97% of the people of Nigeria are at risk of malaria. The disease causes a third of childhood deaths in Nigeria, which has a quarter of all malaria cases in Africa. It has been recognised that in order for Africa to stand a chance in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the malaria burden must be tackled across Nigeria.

Malaria Consortium is the lead implementation agent for Support to the National Malaria Programme (SuNMaP), a £50 million DFID-funded five-year programme that was launched in 2008.

SuNMap, which works at the federal level and across six Nigerian states, hopes to reduce malaria-related deaths by half by the year 2013. Its interventions include providing long-lasting insecticidal nets to the community, encouraging the use of the nets and training field personnel.

To view the Nets for All video, please click here.

For more information about our work in Nigeria and the SuNMaP project, please visit our Nigeria page.

For more information, please contact Diana Thomas

A happy recipient of two new mosquito nets from the SuNMaP project
Photo: SuNMaP


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