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Latest News Next generation entomologists share their research in malaria consortium webinar

Next generation of entomologists share their research in Malaria Consortium webinar

8 July 2020

Since 2017, seven exceptional students from across Africa and Asia have received Malaria Consortium’s Dr Sylvia Meek Scholarship in Entomology. As many of the scholars’ studies have drawn to a close, they were given the chance to present their research projects during a Malaria Consortium webinar: ‘The next generation of entomologists: What the future holds’. 

The webinar also afforded an opportunity to remember the immense contribution to infectious disease and malaria in particular, of Dr Sylvia Meek, a Malaria Consortium co-founder, whose untimely passing in 2016 led to the creation of the scholarship.  

The full recording of the webinar is available below with presentations from the following scholars: 

Takalani Makhanthisa presenting on: Effectiveness of cattle-administered endectocides to reduce malaria-vector mosquitoes  

Adnan Muhammad presenting on: Comparison of Effective Dose with Protection Time for Three Botanicals by using Multiple-Chamber. Contact Adnan on LinkedIn 

Funmilayo Ogunkomaya presenting on: Ovicidal, larvicidal and repellent activities of ethanolic leaf extracts of three botanicals against the malaria vector - Anopheles gambiae. Contact Funmilayo on LinkedIn 

Shobiechah Aldillah Wulandhari presenting on: Diversity and Geometric Morphometrics of Chigger Mites at Public Parks in Bangkok, Thailand. Contact Wulan on LinkedIn 

Amos Watentena presenting on: Molecular Identification of Aedes Mosquitoes in Nsukka LGA, Nigeria. Contact Amos on LinkedIn 

Somsanith Chonephetsarath presenting on: Dengue virus serotype 2 infection in Aedes spp. mosquitoes using Nanoject II injector 

Kiattiyos Ruengthamchariya presenting on: Evaluation of Transmission Factor, Vector Control Program and Arbovirus Detection in Aedes Mosquitoes in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand 

You can view all Malaria Consortium webinars and find details for our upcoming webinars on our dedicated Webinars page. 

Watch a full recording of the webinar below:

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