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Latest News New statesman releases special report on drug resistant malaria

Malaria: the last mile - a special report on drug resistant malaria

30 January 2015

The spread of drug resistant malaria threatens to undermine the excellent progress made in recent years to tackle this disease. This is an issue of international importance as if drug resistant malaria spreads to Africa the impact could be devastating.

This is why on 10th December 2014, Malaria Consortium convened a meeting of civil society, academia, private sector and parliamentarians, in partnership with the New Statesman magazine, to draw attention to the issue of drug resistant malaria.

The event saw lively, informed and productive discussions around the central issues of the role of UK parliamentarians in mobilising international and domestic resources, how to maintain political support as the disease burden falls, the importance of reaching mobile and migrant populations, and how surveillance systems can be improved at both national and subnational levels.

A report based upon these discussions was published in the New Statesman magazine this week, and is available here to download.

If you would like to know more about Malaria Consortium’s work on drug resistant malaria, you can watch our videos from the field on the Active Case Detection and Treatment (ACAT) project and the Malaria Elimination project.

Keywords: Advocacy and policy | Drug resistance

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