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ALERT: Applications Invited for Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe Cross-Border Malaria Initiative (MOZIZA)

29 June 2010
London, 29 June: The secretariat to the Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM) hereby calls on interested parties from Government, civil society and the private sector to submit applications for consideration as Principle Recipient(s) for the Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe cross-border malaria initiative (MOZIZA) Global Fund Round 10 Proposal.

The RCM reserves the right to appoint one or more Principle Recipient(s) for the country proposal. The selection criteria for the PR is available from the Global Fund website ( or by email on request ([email protected]). In accordance with Global Fund recommendations, the RCM will appoint Principle Recipient(s) from Government and civil society/private sector for dual track financing of the proposal.

1.      Background and Focus Areas of the MOZIZA Round 10 Malaria Proposal
, South Africa and Zimbabwe are currently embarking on a cross-border malaria initiative. This initiative termed MOZIZA is aimed at achieving universal coverage of key malaria interventions with the goal of ultimately reducing transmission and eliminating malaria in districts with shared borders in the Matabeleland South, Masvingo, and Manicaland Provinces of Zimbabwe, Limpopo Province of South Africa and Manica and Gaza Provinces of Mozambique. The following key intervention objectives will be pursued to achieve the goal of reducing malaria transmission in the MOZIZA region:
1.      Developing and strengthening a regional malaria epidemiological surveillance system to identify foci of transmission (parasitological and entomological) and coordinate, monitor, evaluate and report on surveillance mechanisms in districts and provinces between Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
2.      Developing and strengthening a regional outbreak and response mechanism, to prevent and appropriately respond to malaria outbreaks in the MOZIZA region.
3.      Establishing a cross-border coordination and management centre where information sharing and capacity building between the three countries to harmonize policies, interventions and information and also synchronize delivery of interventions.
4.      To achieve universal coverage of key malaria interventions, where deficient, in the MOZIZA targeted districts.

      Role and Responsibilities
The detailed roles and responsibilities of the Principle Recipient are available on request by email ([email protected]) and those that are key include:
·       Signing of the grant agreement with the Global Fund;
·       Receiving and managing funds disbursed by the Global Fund;
·       Entering into grant agreements and disbursement of funds to sub-recipients;
·       Managing the implementation of the programme (or part thereof); coordination of grant participants and provision of technical leadership;
·       Regular financial and programmatic progress reporting to the RCM, the Global Fund and other national stakeholders;
·       Monitoring and evaluation in addition to reporting of data to relevant authorities.
3.      Organisational Requirements
Principle Recipient(s) are expected to have:
·       Appropriate systems and staffing in key areas (programmes and financial management, sub-granting, procurement and monitoring and evaluation);
·       A track record of at least 5 years of experience in programme management and implementation in the focus areas of the proposal;
·       A sound governance framework, demonstrated by at least 3 years of unqualified audited statements;
·       Demonstrate capacity to undertake the responsibilities of the Principle Recipient nationally.
4.      Priority populations:
Health service users, travelers, most-at-risk populations and rural communities in the 6 targeted provinces.
5.      Application Process and Outcomes
Application forms and further information can be requested by email ([email protected]).
The deadline for submission of applicants is 14:00 hrs (SAST, GMT +2) 12 July 2010. Two hard copies must be delivered to (see application form for address) and one electronic copy must be submitted to [email protected].
All applicants will be informed of the results directly and by publication through the Malaria Consortium website ( The decision by the RCM is final and is not subject to appeal or review by applicants.

APPLICATION FORM: Regional Coordinating Mechanism membership application for the MOZIZA Global Fund Round 10 Proposal
Please send your enquiries to [email protected]


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