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Malaria Consortium World Malaria Day Statement

25 April 2008
London, Friday 25 April 2008. On the first World Malaria Day, Malaria Consortium calls for the mobilisation and commitments for action by all stakeholders in the response to malaria across the world.

In light of the need for action, leadership by the UK government on malaria must be congratulated but the disease, which is preventable and treatable, continues to kill millions each year, and malaria-free world remains an ever elusive hope.

Malaria kills up to 3 million people each year, with 90% of deaths being in Africa.  Nearly 2 billion people are at risk of malaria in Africa and Asia and other parts of the world.

Commitments from governments have been made, in particular the Millennium Development Goals, but the chances of meeting the targets agreed are negligible without leadership, collaboration and accountability at all levels. But thousands of people are taking actions against malaria every day in their country, reaching out to communities to spread the word on malaria, caring for those affected and advocating to ensure decision makers meet their commitments and that the voice of the vulnerable and marginalised is heard.

Dr Graham Root, Malaria Consortium's Africa Director said: "World Malaria Day is an opportunity to highlight the work of thousands people delivering services on the ground or advocating in their country every day. Success stories may not make the news but every action, every word spoken, can make a difference. The fight against malaria is taking place every day, 365 days a year, and is being led by individuals committed to changing the course of the malaria pandemic."

In recognition of the need to raise awareness of malaria as a global pandemic, Malaria Consortium announced today the launch of the third round of the Malaria Advocacy Innovation Grants. The Grants aim to encourage civil society organisations in endemic countries to become leaders in the fight against malaria. For the first time, the Grants are aimed at advocates in Africa and Asia.

Malaria Consortium works with partners from all sectors of society including government and non-government agencies, academic institutions, and the private sector to deliver effective malaria prevention and treatment to hard to reach and most affected populations in Africa and Asia. It also manages and coordinates advocacy projects in Europe and in Africa, which engage civil society organisations, media and parliamentarians, develop linkages between and within North and South, and boost advocacy efforts to improve accountability for the malaria response in endemic countries.


For more information about the Grants and how to apply, go to

Malaria Consortium and its partners are organising numerous events and activities in Africa and Europe around and on World Malaria Day. For more info, visit

A virtual campaign was also launched by Malaria Consortium in February in order to raise awareness about World Malaria Day. For more info, visit


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