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Art Attack: Communities Visualise Malaria Messages

12 November 2010
London, 12 November: Malaria Consortium helped organise a drawing competition as part of the artemisinin resistance Containment Project in Cambodia. It aimed to encourage community involvement and awareness around the dangers of malaria.
The drawing competition was organised by local health staff, village health volunteers and village malaria workers asking local people to draw malaria related messages they had heard and understood in campaigns from the previous six months.
The aim of this competition was to increase community awareness around malaria and World Malaria Day and to promote community involvement in malaria related activities. Finally, it hoped to reinforce the key containment messages through re-visiting and internalising the images and concepts.
Community members were asked to select their favourite drawings; those which they thought represented the key messages and issues most. Prizes went to those selected at the World Malaria Day 2010 celebrations organised by the National Centre for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control (CNM).

The project was an enormous success and hopefully succeeded in reinforcing and spreading the key messages through community involvement and interaction.

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