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Latest News Malaria consortium promotes knowledge sharing in its efforts to eliminate malaria

Malaria Consortium promotes knowledge sharing in its efforts to eliminate malaria

25 November 2014

Malaria Consortium is pleased to announce that we have shared our research portfolio on the newly launched MESA Track database.

Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance (MESA), with whom Malaria Consortium is a collaborating partner, advances the science of malaria by creating and sharing knowledge to drive an evidence-based approach to global malaria eradication among the malaria community. Key to MESA’s mission is the launch of  a dedicated open access database, which captures research projects that are pertinent to the malaria elimination and eradication research agenda. Users can search for projects in various fields and discover what the scientific community is doing.

By sharing our knowledge and evidence on this key knowledge management tool, Malaria Consortium hopes to support MESA’s efforts to accelerate and expand the impact of evidence based research and give wider access to invaluable knowledge, especially in areas relevant for policy makers.

One of Malaria Consortium’s main goals is to identify and test innovative approaches for monitoring, evaluation and surveillance systems. Looking ahead, our main research priorities for malaria control and elimination are: addressing bottlenecks in the health system and the private sector, tackling drug resistance, improving vector control and delivering effective malaria interventions for hard-to-reach migrant and mobile populations.

For access to Malaria Consortium’s full portfolio of learning and research outputs, please visit our online resource database.


Keywords: Vector control | Drug resistance | Private sector | Surveillance | Elimination


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