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Latest News Malaria consortium presents at 2017 malend keystone symposia meeting

Malaria Consortium presents at 2017 MalEND Keystone Symposia meeting

21 February 2017

Two Malaria Consortium technical experts will present on two key aspects of the organisation’s research  at the 2017 Malaria: From Innovation to Eradication (MalERA) conference, co-organised by Keystone Symposia and Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance (MESA). 

The meeting, held in Kampala between 19-23 February, offers a platform where evidence and research agendas for fighting malaria can be shared. Leading experts will evaluate the scientific progress being made toward the goals of eliminating and eradicating malaria. 

Among the speakers are Malaria Consortium’s Dr Julian Jane Atim, Project Manager, and Dr Constance Shumba, Regional Capacity Building Specialist, presenting Malaria Consortium’s work in two different continents: Africa and Asia. Julian will examine low net use in local communities of Tororo district, Eastern Uganda, in spite of a high prevalence of nets per household in the region, and how social behaviour change communications have increased net use in these communities.  Constance will look at the problems surrounding the Cambodian border, where at-risk mobile and migrant populations regularly cross borders unmonitored. She will address the importance of cross-border malaria surveillance across the region in achieving malaria elimination.  The posters can be found below:

February 20th

Poster Presentation
• Julian Jane Atim, Project Manager - MCC Tororo Project, Poster 1009 (Poster Session)

1): Maintaining high net use during IRS implementation: The case of Tororo district, Eastern Uganda


February 21st

Poster Presentation, presented by Constance Shumba
• Sergio Lopes, Cambodia Country Technical Coordinator, Poster 2013 (Poster Session)

2): Cross Border Surveillance initiatives targeting mobile and migrant populations: Lessons learned from Cambodia


The full schedule can be found here.



Country: Uganda | Cambodia


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