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Latest News Malaria consortium announces support to fight the fakes

Malaria Consortium announces support to Fight the Fakes

28 February 2014

Malaria Consortium is proud to announce their support to Fight the Fakes, a multi-stakeholder campaign to raise awareness about the dangers and the impact of fake medicines. Through supporting this campaign, Malaria Consortium is joining a growing global movement that seeks to raise awareness about the serious threat to public health posed by fake drugs.
Fake medicines are a threat to health worldwide and put patients at risk of drug resistance, prolonged illness, disability, and even death. Their negative impacts can undermine entire public health initiatives and patient trust in healthcare systems and across providers. Through building a network with fellow public health organisations, Malaria Consortium will play a vital role in raising the profile of the dangers associated with fake medicines, outlining and participating in opportunities for action, promoting the implementation of initiatives that fight fake medicines, as well as facilitating coordination and stimulating cooperation across the international public health community.
In 2012, The Lancet estimated that a third of malaria drugs used around the world to fight the disease are counterfeit. This coupled with further substandard antimalarial medicines and the incorrect continued use of oral artemisinin-based monotherapies represents a real threat to the progress made to date against the disease. Furthermore, the emergence of artemisinin resistance or tolerance inPlasmodium falciparum on the Thailand—Cambodia border makes the protection of the effectiveness of the drug supply imperative. 
Malaria Consortium Chief Executive Charles Nelson said: “A comprehensive strategy to combat fake medicines requires multi-stakeholder collaboration at local and global levels. As such, Malaria Consortium recognises the importance of being a key voice in this campaign, and is delighted to play a pivotal role in the Fight the Fakes campaign.”
Visit the Fight the Fakes website and follow the movement on Twitter to learn more about the campaign.


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