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Latest News Laura bush in mozambique

Laura Bush in Mozambique

9 August 2007

During her visit to Mozambique Laura Bush had a meeting with the Mozambican First Lady (Maria da Luz Guebuza), the president of the local RBM group (Dinis Sengulane), the Minister of Heatlh (Paulo Ivo Garrido) and some PMI (President's Malaria Initiative) implementers. She referred to the malaria burden for Africa and Mozambique in particular. During her speech she announced that PMI will provide its first grant to the Inter-Religious Campaign - $2 million grant - against Malaria in Mozambique, as well as,  the approval of $507 million compact by the board of Millennium Challenge Corporation, of which a large part - more than $200 million - will provide clear water to urban and rural areas through Mozambique. By installing wells in remote villages, the compact will help to slow the spread of malaria by eliminating mosquito breeding grounds and reduce the devastating toll of water-borne diseases - including malaria.



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