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New release: Malaria Consortium launches World Malaria Day Virtual Awareness Campaign

26 February 2008
Malaria Consortium, as part of its programme "Mobilising for Malaria", is launching a virtual campaign, using the internet to involve people for the first World Malaria Day, which takes place on the 25th of April 2008. button

The campaign consists of a virtual World Malaria Day Button - available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish - which can be put on websites and be used in email footers. People can also connect with all those involved worldwide through the social networks Facebook and MySpace.

This year is the first World Malaria Day. Despite being preventable and treatable, malaria causes up to 3 million deaths and 500 million cases in a year.

The disease primarily affects children under five and pregnant women in Africa, and vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, the poor and mobile populations in Asia. Malaria affects 40 percent of the world's population - putting 3.2 billion people at risk in 107 countries. 

World Malaria Day will provide an opportunity to raise awareness about the disease and mobilise and engage individuals, private businesses, civil society organisations, and policy makers.

A World Malaria Day website will provide more details about events, initiatives and activities taking place in the lead up to and on the 25th of April in the UK and around the world.  

The virtual World Malaria Day Button and more information on being involved through Facebook and MySpace are available at

The World Malaria Day website is available at


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