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Latest News Guardian international development journalism competition winner announced

Guardian International Development Journalism Competition winner announced

25 November 2013

Malaria Consortium is pleased to have supported the sixth International Development Journalism Competition held by the UK’s Guardian newspaper, which has published the finalists’ articles today.

The articles, which highlight some of the crucial issues faced by developing countries today, were written by both professional and amateur journalists. The finalist allocated to write about Malaria Consortium’s chosen theme, Sophie McBain, travelled to Southeast Asia to understand how drug-resistant malaria along the Thai-Cambodian border is affecting migrant populations, internally displaced people and refugees.

While deaths due to malaria have fallen in recent years, the emergence and rise of drug resistant malaria is causing concern. Initiatives supported by Malaria Consortium, such as screening for malaria on the Cambodian-Thai border, have shown some success in containing the spread of drug-resistant malaria. However, experts warn that urgent action is needed to protect the spread of the resistance beyond Southeast Asia.

The full article can be accessed here. You can also read about other finalists articles here.

Malaria Consortium would like to congratulate the winner of this award and all of the journalists who participated in the competition.


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