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Latest News Glorious souptember campaign raising money to help combat malaria

Glorious! Souptember campaign raising money to help combat malaria

10 September 2013

Souptember is an annual celebration of goodwill during the month of September, created by Glorious! soups in the United Kingdom.

This year Malaria Consortium is delighted that Souptember will be raising funds to help combat malaria. For every pot of Glorious! soup sold during the month-long September event a donation will be given to Malaria Consortium.

As well as making a per pot donation, Glorious! have developed free Souptember soup recipes and are encouraging customers to donate the money they save from staying in with their home-made soup to Malaria Consortium. You can donate online here.

What is happening during Souptember and how can you get involved?

Every year over 600,000 people die from malaria; deaths that can be prevented. Since 2000, the number of malaria related deaths have reduced by a quarter thanks to global efforts to combat the disease.

At Malaria Consortium, we are working to reduce the impact of malaria in a number of ways including; preventing the spread of the malaria by improving access to insecticide-treated mosquito nets; providing preventative medicine; improving malaria diagnosis and providing life-saving treatment to those who need it.


You can make your own soup at home following the recipes on the Glorious! Souptember website. Why not try inviting friends and family around for a bowl of soup rather than eating out – and donate the money you save to help combat malaria.


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