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Fighting Malaria on the Ground

8 November 2011

In 2009, Malaria Consortium received a special initiative grant from the UK charity Comic Relief to set up the Pioneer project in Uganda. One of the aims of the project was to interrupt the transmission of malaria through mass distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to every household in four districts of western Uganda.

The film starts by showing the mass distribution in 2009, with Agnes Suubi, Malaria Consortium Project Support Officer, describing the significance of this event. “To a lot of these people, it’s the beginning of a new life,” she says.

Eighteen months after the initial distribution of half a million LLINs, Malaria Consortium teams visited families in Hoima District to see what impact the nets have had on their lives.

Peter and Florence received the nets through the distribution campaign in 2009. Malaria Consortium visited their home again to see how their lives have changed. Peter says, smiling, that his youngest son who is in nursery school has been sleeping under the net and has not fallen ill with malaria since.

Dr James Tibenderana, Malaria Consortium African Technical Director, explains how, with over 80 percent net use, this has a noticeable knock-on effect on malaria transmission. But he adds that campaign distribution of nets are not the only intervention necessary to combat malaria over the long term; routine distribution through ante-natal clinics by the government and the availability of replacement nets from the commercial sector are essential elements. Mass distribution, he says, creates appreciation for the value of the nets and can work as a stimulation of the private sector for future involvement.

Malaria Consortium, through the Pioneer project, is continuing to work with stakeholders to develop sustainable and appropriate LLIN replacement strategies, so that remote communities are able to routinely access LLINs over the long term

You can watch the film below.


For Malaria Consortium’s other films from the distribution in 2009 visit our Youtube channel.

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