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End Malaria Through your iPhone

20 April 2011
London 20 April 2011: This World Malaria Day, you can help swat those malaria carrying mosquitoes in a fun new iPhone game, and at the same time raise money to help buy nets to protect children from this deadly disease.

End Malaria! is a fast-paced, high scoring game in which you chase virtual mosquitoes around and squish them with your finger. But be careful, if you don’t get them in time, they will bite!

Malaria Consortium’s game costs just 59 pence (99 cents) from iTunes which goes towards supporting our work to protect some of the world’s poorest people from the appalling effects of malaria.

“A child dies every 45 seconds from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Sunil Mehra, Executive Director for Malaria Consortium. “For every 10 games sold, Malaria Consortium can buy and deliver an insecticide treated net to a family, whose children gamble with their lives every time night falls. With the sale of just 200 games, we can help ensure the life-saving anti-malaria drugs are available for up to 100 children. We hope the sales of this game will help us meet these requirements many times over.”

End Malaria! has been designed by Zebbu, a company focused on creating innovative ways to strengthen the relationship between mobile technology and social responsibility.

“We are always looking for new ways to raise support for our work,” said Mr Mehra. “This is why we have come together with Zebbu - to develop something that will promote the cause and engage with a completely new audience.”

Find out more on the iTunes Website

If you want to do anything this World Malaria Day to help prevent the deaths of so many young children, do something fun - download End Malaria!

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