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DFID Opens Public Consultation on Malaria Business Plan

2 August 2010

London, 2 August: Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell has announced the beginning of an open consultation on malaria, as part of the coalition government’s effort to end the scourge of the disease in Africa.

According to a Department for International Development (DFID) press release, the business plan on malaria will focus on the details of the UK’s efforts towards elimination, with the emphasis on high-burden countries across Africa. It will also focus on providing better diagnostics for those who present with malarial symptoms, but who are not in fact suffering from the disease. The plan will also highlight plans to reduce the spread of resistance to malaria and work on increased effectiveness for insecticidal sprays and long-lasting insecticidal nets.

Speaking on the launch of the plan, which will hear evidence from experts across the malaria community, Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne MP, confirmed the government’s commitment to the issue:

“With over 2000 preventable deaths a day from malaria, most of them children, I am determined that the fight against malaria is at the forefront of the government’s development agenda.”

Malaria is a deadly yet entirely preventable disease which effects vulnerable populations across Africa. Children under five years and pregnant women are particularly susceptible and statistically speaking a child dies of the disease every 45 seconds.

With over 50% of malaria deaths come from just five high-burden countries in Africa, it is encouraging to note that DFID’s ‘Malaria: Breaking the cycle’ consultation is setting out to reduce the burden of malaria illness and death in these high-burden countries.

To have your say, find out more about the issue and DFID’s response to it, or to take the survey on where efforts should be focused, please visit DFID’s ‘Malaria: Breaking the Cycle’ website.

For more information, please contact Diana Thomas


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