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Latest News Beating malaria through effective altruism

Beating malaria through effective altruism

17 July 2018

Malaria Consortium’s seasonal malaria chemoprevention programme (SMC) is top-rated by GiveWell for the project’s evidence of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, transparency and room for additional funding. This evaluation concluded that SMC substantially reduces cases of malaria in children 3-59 months old, providing good value for money with a strong evidence base.

This seal of approval from GiveWell feeds directly into the burgeoning movement of ‘effective altruism’ which, as outlined in a new article in The Economist, looks to bring “scientific rigour to philanthropy”. Featuring Malaria Consortium amongst eight other GiveWell-certified effective charities, the also article underlines the contribution of Good Ventures, who through the Open Philanthropy Project, granted $27.9m to Malaria Consortium to continue to close gaps in SMC coverage over three years and support 3.5 million children under five in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad.

You can read the full Economist article here and read more about our work on seasonal malaria chemoprevention here.

Watch our video on SMC from the ACCESS-SMC project, which ran from 2014 to 2017.

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