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Malaria Consortium Publishes Two New Advertisments

14 December 2010
London, 14 December 2010: Malaria Consortium has developed two striking new advertisments to raise awareness around the severe effects of malaria in children and pregnant women.

The first advert focuses on the critical issue of malaria in children as almost 75% of all malaria related deaths occur among children under five. Malaria kills 2000 children every day which equates to a child dying from it every 45 seconds.

The second advert addresses malaria in pregnancy which causes 400,000 women to suffer from severe anaemia every year and leads to the death of 200,000 newborn babies .

Malaria Consortium is dedicated to tackling malaria and helping children, pregnant women and their babies receive the protection and treatment they need to fight the disease.

You can see our adverts here:


They are featured respectively in the New Statesman's supplements on Sustainable Response and Innovation in Health


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