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An Experience of a Lifetime That Will Save Lives

6 October 2010

Adam Wolley set off from Marble Arch on 2 January 2010 to cycle through Europe and Africa to Cape Town, hoping to cover 15,000 km and raise £10,000 for Malaria Consortium. In fact, he doubled it!

After cycling through 17 countries over seven months, Adam reached Cape Town on 21 July, raising an amazing £19, 596.61 in the process.

It costs £5 to buy and deliver a mosquito net which will provide essential protection for those most at risk from this killing disease. The money Adam has raised will buy 4,000 nets, protecting around 8,000 people from mosquitoes.

It wasn’t an easy trip for Adam, but definitely an eye-opening one. There were brilliant days and really hard ones during his seven month trip, he said.

In the early weeks, he had to cycle through thick snow in freezing conditions in France, was savagely bitten by mosquitoes in Italy, and shared his tent with scorpions, among other trials. Later, he was involved in a horrific collision with a truck in Rwanda, which resulted in stitches all over his jaw and even inside his mouth.
Unbelievably none of this made him lose determination to complete his journey to South Africa and raise as much money as he could.

Adam contracted malaria in Tanzania three years ago and he understood then how important it is to get the right medication straight away. He was one of the lucky ones and got the medical help he needed, but he knew that it was a different story for thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. People around him were dying from malaria every day because they did not have access to mosquito nets and medication. It was something he was determined to try and help change.

“I wanted to do something huge and raise a similarly huge amount of money for Malaria Consortium,” he said. “This was the motivation that kept me going. The support and donations kept flooding in, which drove me to achieve my ultimate goal of crossing the African continent on a bicycle.”

While cycling through Uganda, Adam was able to visit Malaria Consortium and see first hand some of work being done and how the money raised would be used to help reduce the number of malaria related deaths through the distribution of free nets to those who need them most.

The support for his dedication and consequently for Malaria Consortium’s work has been overwhelming. We would like to thank everyone who donated money to our organisation in support of Adam’s extraordinary achievement. The money raised will have the impact Adam was hoping for and be used to help save lives from malaria, especially the most vulnerable - young children and pregnant women.

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